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Tropical Leaves

The Garden Girl Company

We Love Your Gardens as Much as you do!

Let The Garden Girl Company Grow With you and Plan for the Future Together!

When life gets busy and gardens are unattended, it’s amazing how fast they can get out of control! We understand, we’re here for you, and we know what it takes to make and maintain beautiful scenery year round.

Tropical Leaves

We Truly Love What we do!

Focusing on estate garden maintenance, container gardening, and garden design and installation, we bring years of expertise and tender loving care to every plant we plant and every seed we sow. From early spring cleanups to putting the finishing touches on seasonal containers, your gardens will spring to life with a renewed brilliance day after day and year after year.

"We've used Garden Girl for the past 3 years for my home and business.  They've always done a fantastic job!" 


- Jeremiah & Caitlin, Doylestown Pa

"We love working with Jackie and Daniel. They’re the professionals and we trust them. That’s why we hired them. Knowing they have our gardens in their best interest takes one more thing off our very busy plate."

-Mary , Solebury, PA

We've got it covered

Paying special attention to detail is imperative to us and is our passion as horticulturists. Our dedication is your reward. We truly care about our work and your property will show it. The Garden Girl Co. will keep your gardens meticulously groomed, growing, and thriving. Our goal is for you to feel confident knowing you can relax and that your gardens are in good hands.


Estate Garden Maintenance

Your gardens are the visual entry point to your property; a living and colorful welcome to your home. We meticulously take care of every aspect of your garden needs. When it comes to your gardens, all we want you to think about is taking in the beauty of your surroundings. As your plants and flowers evolve throughout the seasons, rest assured we are there to keep tabs on the growing greenery so you don’t have to give it a second thought.

Container Gardening

​Container gardening is a versatile way to create picturesque combinations across all four seasons, in sun or shade, at your home or business. Our standards are high, from the materials we use to the designs we create. We can make recommendations, do the shopping for you, and/or utilize favorite items that you have on hand. We’ll design your container gardens and build beautiful arrangements while taking the time to understand your palette preferences, as well as select colors, plant materials, and flower choices upon request.

Plantings and installations

For existing clients, we also offer garden installation. Our specialty is designing from the ground up, literally. When taking on a design project, we’ve got the hands-on experience and knowledge to create beautiful environments throughout your property. We love to watch the look on our clients’ faces when they see the results in living color!



Established in 2011, The Garden Girl Co. is owned by husband and wife team Jackie and Daniel Chapman and inspired by Amelia, the “Garden Girl” herself. From the time she was a toddler, Amelia enjoyed playing in the garden; an inspiration to Jackie (a.k.a. mom) who passed down her love of gardening to Amelia the way her mother and grandmother did for her.

A small company that can provide big solutions, Jackie and Daniel have a wealth of plant based knowledge that they are happy to impart to clients. Employing a team of like-minded, plant-loving horticulturists, it is a fun and energetic crew, eager to dig deep and do their best work. As Jackie says, “We don’t lettuce your weeds, we carrot them”, meaning clients’ gardens are tended just as much from underneath the surface as above ground. They garden the old fashioned way, getting in the dirt to create brilliantly manicured gardens that are lush and wild, but also picture perfect and magazine ready.

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