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How We Work

Our focus is on building a continuous relationship with our clients, providing ongoing care for your gardens and ongoing peace of mind for you. Our optimal client understands the importance of discussing their project upfront to determine if we are a good fit so we can provide our best horticultural service. We offer weekly, biweekly, monthly, and seasonal maintenance packages based on your specific needs, our recommendations, and the square footage of your gardens. When you commit to a service schedule, we are able to get to know your gardens and provide the highest quality work on a consistent basis.


Jackie’s passion for digging in the dirt began as a little girl helping in her mother and grandmother’s gardens. Once she had her own daughter (who The Garden Girl Co. is named for), the legacy continued. Jackie started and grew The Garden Girl Co. With a passion for hard work and meticulous detail, Jackie brings nothing but her best into your gardens.



Originally from England, Daniel came to the U.S. as a child. From the age of 16, he had an entrepreneurial spirit, sowing his teen years working in landscaping and learning the business from the ground up. Thanks to a trusted mentor providing inspiration and encouragement, by his early 20’s, Daniel started his own company. Partnering with Jackie in 2015, Daniel brings over 20 years of experience and knowledge to the team.


All about Us

Established in 2011, The Garden Girl Co. is owned by husband and wife team Jackie and Daniel Chapman and inspired by Amelia, the “Garden Girl” herself. From the time she was a toddler, Amelia enjoyed playing in the garden; an inspiration to Jackie (a.k.a. mom) who passed down her love of gardening to Amelia the way her mother and grandmother did for her.

Leading the way with knowledge, experience, and passion for their craft, Jackie and Daniel work with you to transform your outdoor spaces, creating the gardens of your dreams. Based in the charming local hamlet of Ottsville, PA in the heart of Bucks County, The Garden Girl Co. has earned an exemplary reputation all around the Delaware Valley.


Hailing from hard working middle class families filled with talented craftsmen, Jackie and Daniel have each gained a strong work ethic and together have established a specialty service for homeowners, creating and improving gardens throughout the region. Being very meticulous and paying special attention to detail, Jackie and Daniel take pride in their craft and put this dedication into their business. They love being in their own garden, where ideas and creative inspiration are fostered and brought to their clients who trust them to do good work without guesswork.

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