• The Garden Girl

Garden Girl Seasonal Maintenance Tips

Late March ––> Early May

Opening your Gardens

Install spring containers

Divide and thin perennials

Clean up winter debris

Clean up any plant material that was left for winter interest

Prune roses



Plant summer blooming bulbs​

Mid May ––> Late May

Install summer containers

Prune shrubs

Plant annuals, add perennials and tropicals, Sow seeds

Install Vegetable Gardens and/or

Fresh cutting garden

June ––> September

Maintain Gardens

Fertilize annuals and containers

Prune shrubs that bloomed in Spring

Weed, deadhead, cultivate & stake plants before they flop!

Mid September ––> Mid November

Install Fall PlantersPlant spring flowering bulbsDivide and thin perennialsCut back tired plant foliageLeaf cleanupMulchingDig up and bulbs, tubers or tropicals before a hard frostPruning

Mid November ––> Late December

Install winter Containers for long lasting seasonal interest into Spring

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